01 about

We are a family owned and operated gift shop, founded by Sonya and her daughters Ela. SHOP is a curated collection of gifts and home goods with an eye toward the modern and well designed products. 

SHOP is a physical analog experience - that means we don't sell online we are all about experiencing the goods in person.

(we aren't snobs, its just that you can already find everything in the world online!)

We share a space with our sister firm FORSarchitecture+interiors, so you will see our architects working away in their natural habitat. Never hesitate to ask us a question about the store or our work, all of us are happy to help!


m-f : 8-5

sat: 12-3

*i know, the hours are annoying if you actually work. but we also run an architecture firm, so we need a little family time. if you need to head over outside of these hours just give us a call and i'm sure we can arrange!

** people often ask where we source our good from. all over really - we have a number of locally crafted items, some crafted in my living room, arizona made items, made in the usa and yes...also from abroad. where do we find them? we go to markets but we also seek out cool stuff every time we travel and welcome local craftspeople to introduce us to their goods! 


02 location

2020 e broadway blvd  tucson  az  85719

Tel: 520-795-9888


03 instagram

our goods range from housewares to books, kids stuff to dog stuff. we are frequently updating our collection

so here is a little taste of the latest fun!

we strongly encourage browsing so please stop in.


04 exhibit + event

Dec 6 - Jan 18 : handcrafted Gingerbread house display

Currently: FORSarchitecture's proposal for The Sunshine Mile Friedman Block rehabilitation.

We recently moved to our new location on The Sunshine Mile and are looking forward to hosting more events and exhibitions this year!